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About the Project


Serving the Latin American marketplace for over 25 years.

Our background is in sales and marketing for the 'built environment' for Latin America with magazines, websites, newsletters, congresses and trade exhibitions.

ConsorcioTec arises because of a need to help improve the reality of the SME integrators, dealers and contractors and propel sales through the regional channel.

Latin Press Staff
Latin Press Staff 2

ACR Latinoamérica

The Spanish language magazine, newsletter and website for the HVAC/R industries of Latin America.

AVI Latinoamérica

The Spanish language magazine, newsletter and website for the Systems Integration and Pro A/V industries of Latin America.

TV & Video Latinoamérica

The Spanish language technology magazine, newsletter and website for broadcast & audiovisual content production in Latin America.

Ventas de Seguridad

The Spanish language magazine, newsletter and website for the Electronic Security industries of Latin America.

Best AV Installation Prize

Awarded annually for the best systems integration installation in Latin America.

Without a doubt, when it comes to Latin America, we know our stuff.

Since 1992, we've been taking care of business in Latin America. Whether magazine, websites, events and special marketing projects, we've seen our share of adventures.

With publishing and event promotion experience in the integrated systems environment, plus offices in Miami, Colombia and Brazil, we are positioned to leverage our strengths to ensure the success of ConsorcioTec.

Latin Press Timeline

Services Offered to Latin America

Magazines & Websites

Since 1992, Latin Press has been publishing Spanish language specialized media for Latin America for industries such as HVAC/R, Electronic Security, A/V Systems, Facility Management and others.

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Latin Press Magazines & Media
Spanish language B2B Magazines & Media

Congresses & Exhibitions

We have also been involved in the promotion and production of specialized B2B events in the region, including • CleanTec DataNet Refriamericas TecnoEdificios SolarTec Americas TecnoMultimedia InfoComm  TecnoTelevision  • and others.

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Latin Press Congresses, Events & Exhibitions
Latin Press Congresses, Events & Exhibitions

Market Research

Our newest offering, we launched in 2019 our downloadable reports with latest information on the state of the Top 100 in different industries and sectors, including the leading security and av systems integrators.

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Top100 Reports
Top100 Reports for Latin America

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Via a recently signed licensing agreement, ConsorcioTec counts on the logistical and operational support of PSA Security and USAV.
PSA Security

PSA is the world’s largest systems integrator consortium made up of the most progressive security and audio-visual systems integrators in North America.

Combined, PSA members boasts over 400 branch locations, employ over 7,500 industry professionals and are responsible for over $4.5 billion annually in security, fire, life safety and pro audio-visual installations.


EDGE, a PSA company, is a centrally managed association of professional audio-visual (ProAV) dealers headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Our dealer members represent a select group of integration services companies dedicated to creating compelling solutions for a wide range of AV projects.

Our Board of Advisors

Latin American professionals from both integrators and manufacturers help us steer ConsorcioTec assuring its success.
Horacio Morales

Horacio Morales

Nortek Security & Controls

Director of International Sales, Security & CI
Horacio Morales serves as Director of International Sales at Nortek Security & Control, overseeing its security & audio visual brands for the commercial and residential markets. In this role, Horacio travels into Latin America, Asia and Europe to help support international partners grow their businesses.
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William Sánchez Chacón

William Sánchez Chacón

ISA - Integración de Servicios Automatizados

General Manager
As an engineer, Sánchez has specialized in building automation, electronic security, and mechanical contracting business. Recently he has been involved as well in energy efficiency projects with Grupo Clima companies. He also is a professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering of the University de Costa Rica since 1986.
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Glenn Patrizio

Glenn Patrizio

LAR - Latin America Repgroup

Long time veteran in the Latin American electronics business, Glenn Patrizio founded and currently leads LAR, the leading manufacturers's representation firm for the regional electronic security and access control industry.
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Renán Novoa

Renán Novoa

SAEG Engineering Group

Managing Director
Founder and current Managing Director of SAEG Engineering Group, a company with offices in 8 Latin American countries with a historical track record of over 3,700 commercial projects for automation, building management systems, security, fire detection and more.
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