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So really, what are the advantages?

I'm still not convinced.

Are there clear reasons why integrators or dealers should be in a buyers' group?

I'm here to tell you why ...

Max Jaramillo,
Chief Integrator Advocate
  • Who should be in Group Purchasing Organization?

    Any SME integrator or dealer doing approximately US $1 Million in yearly sales revenue should be in a GPO. The yearly membership dues will easily be paid for by the rebates.

  • So, is it only about the rebates?
  • How much will I earn from the rebates?
  • What do the vendors get out of a GPO?
  • Will you be offering export financing?
  • It seems like you're another 'trade association'?
  • Why the need for a phone interview?
  • I'm ready to join. Where do I sign up?