HCS-5300: Fidelity and Reliability in a Conference System

Developed by the manufacturer Taiden and distributed in Latin America by Navits, this wireless microphone and sound reinforcement solution has a simultaneous voting and interpretation support, 100% free of interference and with an excellent level of confidentiality in its signal.

The HCS-5300 incorporates digital infrared technology instead of conventional radio frequency, eliminating interference. In this way, users can obtain communication free of contamination caused by UHF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other existing signals in the radio spectrum.

Additionally, the signal from infrared technology cannot go beyond the walls of the room, any more than infrared light can. This prevents unauthorized eavesdropping due to the impossibility of demodulating the signal.

"As long as there is a line of sight between the infrared light transceivers and the president and delegate units integrated into the solution, no amount of radio frequency signals in the environment will be a concern for us. Digital infrared communication will never be affected by RF contamination that exists in space," Navits said in an official statement.

The conference system also includes robust software for the control and monitoring of voting and interpretation supports, with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that allow an operating autonomy of 12 to 40 hours, depending on the use that the microphone has in each meeting.

Spatial versatility
The system can be used in divisible rooms whose separation walls will cause the infrared light from each system to concentrate on its own target space. Thus, it is possible to have an unlimited number of implementations running in the same building, simultaneously.

The transmission of information in Taiden's HCS-5300 system occurs in a frequency of 1 to 8 MHz, with DQPSK digital modulation and demodulation, which makes it invulnerable to the presence of other light sources such as architectural lighting, whether with incandescent lamps, LEDs or even sunlight.

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