Unilumin Uslim OutDoor FinePitch

UNILUMIN innovates once again with Uslim Outdoor Fine-pitch

Contributing to the growth of the market for small pitch outdoor screens, Unilumin launches this month the most innovative version of its classic Uslim. This is the Uslim-O 2.5mm, the first solution that combines protection and outdoor shine, with the fine pitch.

The Uslim Outdoor is the result of the fusion of years of experience and development of Unilumin united in a product, providing IP66 ingress protection, with brightnesses of up to 6500 cd / m², in aluminum cabinets, weighing just 32Kg / m².

With a patented design, the Uslim-O works up to 5ºC cooler than other outdoor solutions, increasing the service life of electronics and LED spotlights.

Uslim O Ventilación

Airflow in Uslim-O module

In addition, the Uslim-O can be installed directly against the wall, transforming itself into an architectural element without limits, mixing creativity with technology and innovation.

These, and many other unique features of Uslim-O bring advantages that make this the ideal solution for applications such as facades at street level, outdoor media, gas stations, bus stops, public transport stations, and outdoor mupis, among others.

Contextualized services with Uslim-O

And with its newest version, in pixel-pitch 2.5mm, the Uslim-O allows you to create full HD screens of 220"diagonal, with levels of brightness and contrast much higher than that of LCDs for outdoors, and with a useful life that exceeds these by 3 times.

No matter the size of the project – whether 2m² or 1000m² – the Uslim-O allows you to create innovative and highly profitable solutions.

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