Luz Dary Sánchez de Segutronic

Interview with Luz Dary Sánchez from SEGUTRONIC

Colombia. Segurtronic, a member of the ConsorcioTec purchasing group, is a security integrator company that was born in 1994 in Colombia with the aim of protecting homes, companies and communities in this country. Its first headquarters was in Cartagena, and currently has five other offices located in strategic cities: Barranquilla, Montería, Santa Marta, Bogotá and Medellín.

Currently, Segurtronic operates within four business lines: alarm and monitoring systems; integral solutions in electronic security, special projects and finally, services. To meet the objectives of the company, they have a leader who knows the sector thanks to her career, she is Luz Dary Sánchez, General Manager, who has been working in security for 25 years.

His tour includes alarm monitoring companies in the commercial area, such as Alarmar Ltda, Telesentinel and Metro Alarms; for 15 years she has been the General Manager of Segurtronic Ltda.

Luz Dary highlighted the meaning of being at the forefront and leading this company: "It is a great pride to see how all the efforts and work we have done are seen in the result of sales, to see how we have grown, how we have expanded our portfolio and most importantly the clients we have, the large projects we have designed and implemented and the human team we have".

On the challenges he has faced within the company, he commented that "learning, understanding the market, identifying what the trends are according to the security situations of the country. Go to the rhythm of technology and consolidate a company strategy on fundamental pillars such as compliance, quality and excellent service".

Segurtronic is part of ConsorcioTec, within a list of more than 50 integrating companies that believe in the project of the purchasing group. "It is an excellent initiative, I believe that the union consolidates and achieves better results for all," said our guest.

Finally, Luz Dary shared her experiences in front of what this year 2020 has been for the company, being very positive that the market will improve: "It has been very complicated because several projects were stopped by uncertainty, but stopping in its tracks was a pause to think, to analyze and reinvent. At the end of the year the picture is not very clear especially to know when "normality" will be resumed, but what is certain is that we have to prepare because the reactivation is taking place and will be better and better. By 2021, the economic consequences of unemployment will force cities to prepare to contain the problems of insecurity."

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