Audac all-in-one audio solution with MFA Series

Introducing the MFA Series

The MFA series offers a true all-in-one solution for countless applications, ranging from small bars and restaurants to mid-sized shops, corporate facilities, sports facilities and many more.

Highlights of the MFA series:

  • Built-in SourceCon™ slot
  • Stereo amplification and second zone flexibility via line output
  • Control via front panel, AUDAC Touch™ 2 and wall panel (MWX45)
  • Advanced DSP with WaveDynamics™ speaker management
  • Compact design of medium 19"
  • Compatible with TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 and Dante (optional)
  • Priority over Dante™ (<100ms latency)

Built-in SourceCon™ module slot

The integrated SourceCon™ module slot allows the implementation of any available compatible module (optional), offering a true all-in-one solution.

Automation systems

The MFA series is controllable by both RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP, allowing its implementation with home and industrial automation systems and peripheral devices. The audacious Touch™ 2 app, available for free, allows you to control your MFA series from any device anywhere, anytime. Note that the MFA series and smart devices must be connected to the same network.

Dante™ Compatibility

When the Dante™ (optional) ANI44XT audio network interface is installed, it allows you to share the music from the installed SourceCon™ module or the connected line input signal through your Dante™ audio network. In addition, all these Dante™ inputs are individually selectable by zone, allowing for easy setup. Using Dante™, you can even play priority messages with almost zero latency (100ms) for the public.
Administrator view

Don't want others to mess up your settings? The MFA series has a user level and a password-protected administrator level. Users can only change the system input and volume, while administrators can view and customize all settings.

Peripheral connectivity

A balanced microphone/line input allows the connection of an announcement microphone with capacitor microphone support using the built-in phantom power supply (15V).

Decentralized multi-zone system

The MFA features a line-out connection, creating the ability to scale power output to meet the requirements of small- and large-scale projects. In the event that the internally available power proves insufficient or in situations where future expansion is required, the output connections offer the necessary solution.

Create a large zone or add a second stereo zone using your line output, where individual input and volume control can be controlled via the front panel, TCP/IP or AUDAC Touch™ 2.

TouchLink™ compatible

The upcoming TouchLink™ is an ingenious system that can be used to create virtual zones by linking multiple TouchLink-compatible™ devices together. In AUDAC Touch™ 2 you can select multiple devices or amplification channels that must react to the user as a single zone. Compatibility is expected from April 2021.

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