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Furman products are the most trusted in the world by technology integration companies, A/V professionals and the recording industry for conditioning, protection, regulation, sequencing and power distribution of the highest class.

Our clients include hundreds of thousands of commercial contractors, artist tour teams and recording studios around the world. They choose Furman products because of the proven reputation on the road for reliability, engineering expertise and over 40 years of track record that focus on the specific needs of industry professionals who can never afford equipment failures or downtime.

Our brand has earned its reputation for trust around the world thanks to billions of dollars in equipment saved by energy issues and because of our innovative and leading technologies that maximize the power and performance of an A/V system.

For our customers, operating a system without the clean and safe current delivered by a Furman unit is simply impossible. For fans, we put our mind, heart and soul into every product we create because that's what our customers do with their entertainment and their systems.

Furman's power management and control technologies give our customers the peace of mind of operating and keeping their devices protected.

BlueBOLT® Remote Energy Management: BlueBOLT is a free and innovative cloud-based application platform that controls and monitors Furman energy management products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furman Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP): The multistage protection circuit offers the robust overload suppression that professionals demand, as downtime, corrupted data and unreliability are not acceptable.

Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS™): Extreme voltage shutdown constantly monitors the incoming current and, if any overvoltage conditions greater than 137 volts AC are detected, immediately shut down the unit and all connected equipment.

Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT™): Furman linear filtration technology employs a finely tuned low-pass filter to decrease differential AC noise coming through your line, reducing it linearly over an extremely wide bandwidth.

Power Factor Technology: Furman's power factor technology helps power amplifiers sound their best and reproduce audio signals accurately. A typical 15 amp outlet may be enough to supply the modest RMS current consumption that most power amplifiers need, but the extremes and dynamics of a presentation may require the power amplifier to consume more than 30 amps for a moment.

Stable Power Regulation Technology™: When input voltages are too low or dangerously high, they become a stable and constant 120 V AC (usually ± 1 V). This allows a voltage-free system to operate at its full potential. Electronic components are supplied with constant and unwavering AC voltage, ensuring trouble-free service for any environment suffering from unstable power.

With Furman, you don't have to think. Your team is always protected by the best. We also have 220V models!

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