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BOLIDE merges video surveillance and AI for ConsorcioTec™ affiliates

Bolide's iPac AI V2.0 IP line uses Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning which allows simulating the work of the human brain for analysis and training. Deep Learning technology is artificial neural networks of various levels. These systems simulate how the human brain works for analysis and learning, allowing data such as images, voice and text to be interpreted at speeds that traditional technology cannot reach.

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The application of Deep Learning is important for several reasons, this technology improves the accuracy of video analysis algorithms and allows to implement functions that were not available in traditional video surveillance systems such as Facial Recognition that consists of a sequence of actions: face detection, face matching and comparison of the selected characteristics. By applying Deep Learning, the quality of each of these actions can be significantly improved, and allows facial expressions, gender identification and age calculation to be added to Facial Recognition.

Thanks to Deep Learning technology and increased GPU processing, video analytics can easily handle 300 targets simultaneously, as well as calculate traffic density and identify crowd movements in parallel, providing businesses, shops, factories and law enforcement with more useful information.

In addition, with the update of Bolide's iPac AI IP line, now supports multichannel facial recognition and detection, the camera (the front-end) will take care of the pre-processing of the images, considerably increasing the reliability of a facial recognition and reducing the processing time and increasing the chances of an accurate facial match. And the NVR (backend) will be responsible for the processing of the images by comparing and verifying the facial matches, carrying out this process in a faster and more efficient way with the information provided by the camera, managing to optimize the resources of the system saving costs and time.

Also with the new IP line iPac AI V2.0 the cameras have the integration of the classification of objectives, recognizing and differentiating people as vehicles, counting on the ability to activate an event only when it detects a human being or a car, reducing false alarms to a great extent and together with the analytical video of Intelligent Motion Detection these false alarms will be reduced even more when detecting the movement of trees, small animals such as cats or dogs and climate changes, allowing only people or vehicles to be detected.

It also has integrated the Heat Map function that allows analyzing the visit and permanence times of customers in a specific area helping businesses to increase the economic performance of their commercial space, and the data provided by these analytical videos can be delivered quickly and directly to your smartphone.

For more information we invite you to join us in our free webinar on June 24 at 11:00 a.m. (UTC-5) to discover the latest generation Facial Recognition where we will discuss all the advantages and new features of the iPac AI V2.0 line so that you always stay updated and know all the market trends with Bolide, register for the webinar here:

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