Royal Arena con DAS Audio

Royal Arena: a success story of DAS AUDIO in the city of Copenhagen

The Royal Arena in Copenhagen; 35,000 m2 of pure spectacle for 16,000 spectators in the center of the Danish capital, with products and services DAS AUDIO: Aero 12-line array certification EN54, WR 8826 en54 certification and IP 54 Bidriver Plus.

It is common to find the large sports facilities on the outskirts of large cities. Copenhagen's Royal Arena is the exception. This multipurpose sports arena is presented with its 35,000 m2 as an imposing neighbor for the inhabitants of a quiet residential area of the Danish capital.

DAS Audio

The peculiar location is by no means the only remarkable feature of this construction. Specially designed for concerts and sporting events both national and international, the Royal Arena was based on two fundamental requirements for its construction: the creation of an attractive and flexible facility that could host all kinds of shows while being respectful of the urban environment in which it was hosted.

The symbiosis between this imposing stadium and the adjoining neighborhood is obvious from the outside. Its elevated position, as well as the numerous meeting points, its wide access staircase and its different entrances are features specially designed for the large influx of people that the arena has to face on special dates. Its capacity of up to 16,000 spectators is just a subtle demonstration that this stadium, from its construction to the present, has always been designed by and for the people. And this was a key factor when carrying out the installation of das Audio systems inside.


From Metallic to Celine Dion to Cirque du Soleil, the Royal Arena is designed to host great shows of all kinds, as well as sporting events of the highest level. Considering the characteristics of the arena and its multiple uses conceived, the sound system faced a major challenge: ensuring adequate sound pressure levels throughout the stadium, exceptional intelligibility and uniform coverage. It was an essential requirement to ensure that music and voice could be heard without any distortion despite the Wide Space of the Royal Arena and its high capacity of spectators.

The distribution of the selected systems was strategically proposed to achieve a uniformity of SPL and tonality throughout all the areas in which the 16,000 spectators could be located. For this function, the Aero Series was positioned as the ideal candidate. Located on the roof of the stadium and directed towards the stands, 88 AERO-12s were installed in 11 Line Arrays.

The Aero-12 system is a compact line array that incorporates a 12_ speaker for low frequencies DAS 12LN4C and a DAS M-75N compression motor for high frequencies, specially designed for use in applications where high demand for SPL and low distortion are mandatory requirements. In addition, the EN54 certification and the Voice Alarm system incorporated in the Aero-12, offers the possibility of configuring this main sound system so that at the same time it can be used in the stadium as a voice alarm system, eliminating duplication and offering significant cost savings.

To complete these functions, 12 DAS Audio WR-8826 systems were also installed perimeter under the third stand. These systems offered the necessary sound reinforcement for the last rows of the second stand, as well as a reinforcement in the security systems, since the WR-8826 models also have the EN54 certification.

On the roof of the stadium were also placed 12 DAS Audio BiDriver Plus IP54. The high sound pressure of these systems allows to cover long distances with total clarity of the message to be reproduced. To guarantee an unbeatable intelligibility in all areas of the stadium, 8 of these systems were installed directed towards the area of the track and 4 towards the area where the stage is placed in case of concert or other type of event of similar characteristics. Specially designed for open spaces that, due to their dimensions, require long-throw systems, the BIDRIVER-PLUS IP54 was the finishing touch for an installation that guarantees a uniform and professional sound in the Royal Arena.

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