Advanced REALTIME IC Cameras Ensure Night Evidence

Of its most advanced cameras, IC Realtime's IPMX-E40F series uses an incredible StarVis Starlight video sensor system, a SmartIR night vision system, and a FlexSmartAi video processing package exclusive to IC Realtime.


These three systems come together to ensure that nocturnal evidence is preserved and recorded in color at every possible location.

Still, with most cameras, infrared-illuminated scenes are rendered in black and white for maximum contrast and sharpest contrast possible. While it provides clear images for a security use, the lack of color is not yet ideal for identification.

The Realtime IC E40F and other advanced Realtime IC cameras now use the amazing STARVIS (STAR VISion) chip to solve this problem.

Starlight chips are, in essence, designed "upside down" so that pixels are on top of the board, directly below the pixel aperture lens. The chip's built-in electronics also have additional refinements to make them twice as sensitive to low light.

This increased sensitivity expands on the color information that the E40F's StarVis chip can discern in these incredibly low light levels. E40F can then process those pixels using IC Realtime's AI-enhanced auto-exposure technologies to transmit accurate full-color video images.

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