DAS AUDIO and its systems at the Kharkov Philharmonic, Ukraine

The Kharkov Philharmonic Society is a philharmonic association located in the town of Kharkov, Ukraine, founded in October 1929. The organization is one of the oldest and most recognized in the country.

The owners of the center are the Academic Symphony Orchestra, composed of more than 100 musicians of great level, most of them awarded in national and international competitions.

The center is one of the main cultural organizations promoting classical, contemporary and folk music in the country, making a significant contribution to the cultural life of Ukraine.

Recently the Philharmonic has renovated the systems of the "Organ Hall" and the "Concert Hall". The company in charge of carrying out the installation has been, Indigo Music, official distributor of DAS Audio in Ukraine.

For the renovation of the "Concert Hall", 12 AERO-20A line array systems have been used, combined with 6 UX-218A as reinforcement for low frequencies, the distribution of energy and signal is carried out from a single DASNET RACK-26 allowing the control and monitoring of the systems through DASnet.

"The advantages of using the Aero-20A systems are obvious, thanks to the powerful DSP of each AERO system, they can have an FIR filter per box and thus adapt to the needs of each show, offering a spectacular uniformity in the frequency response and even correct the directivity of the sound only to the listening areas."

In addition, the Applications team of Indigo Music, has installed a line array system composed of a total of 22 EVENT-210A systems on the spectacular stage of the "Organ Hall" and to reinforce the low frequencies 4 Event-218A subwoofers have been used. The system is completed with 4 EVENT-M210A stage monitors and 2 digital SIGNAL PROCESSORS DAS, DSP-2040.

"The color customization of the line array allows us to reduce the visual impact of the systems on the stage, it is not always necessary, but in this case, the visual design of the stage plays a main role, the result is great."

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