Sony presents its new camera: the PTZ 4K

Sony's SRG-X40UH PTZ camera, the latest addition to its line of pan-tilt-zoom cameras, combines: high image quality, versatile connectivity and flexible installation.

Cámara Sony PTZ 4K

Sony expands its line of PTZ cameras with the introduction of the new SRG-X40UH camera. This camera incorporates a 4K ExmorR CMOS image sensor and offers high-quality 4K images. In addition, it has zoom capacity of up to 40x in FHD and 30x in 4K, wide angle, as well as UVC and HDMI connectivity.

This model will be available from September 2022.

PTZ 4K Overview
This camera is ideal for remote communications and monitoring options in a wide variety of environments such as corporate, educational, and health, among others. Due to its simple functionality and interface connection. This device can be easily connected and used to record live streaming videos.

In that sense, the SRG-X40UH model is an affordable 4K PTZ camera, which offers high quality images with incredible details, a natural reproduction of colors and high sensitivity to capture faces and other details of importance in remote communication situations, even in low light. Also, the ability to oversample 4K images offers high image quality even in FHD resolution.

Technical conditions and added value
The zoom with which this Sony camera is equipped allows up to 40x in FHD and 30x in 4K with Clear Image Zoom technology. Technical features that are combined with a wide viewing angle, approximately 70 degrees, that allow the camera to perform smooth and fast PTZ movements.

In addition, this makes it suitable for installation on the ceiling, making it possible to capture scenes in different environments, from small conference rooms to large auditoriums.

Thanks to its connection possibilities via UVC and HDMI and its compatibility with PoE+, the SRG-X40UH camera can be integrated with any existing system by simple wiring, and can be controlled remotely via a VISCA/VISCA over IP command.

Use cases
Sony's different PTZ and remote cameras are widely used for distance learning and communication purposes in universities and hospitals, corporate facilities, meeting rooms, as well as in remote productions for broadcasters and event broadcasting. That is, its usability is focused on remote communications in corporate and educational environments.

Medical Environments: SRG Series cameras are currently used in various medical facilities to remotely monitor patients and equipment to ensure the best conditions for patient care, even in low-light spaces. The cameras also capture, manage and distribute high-quality material from live clinical procedures, from operating rooms and treatment rooms to conference rooms of tertiary institutions, for teaching and training purposes.

Rob Meakin, Product and Planning Manager at Sony Europe, commented on this product that:

"Over the past two years, the world has witnessed and had to adapt to drastic changes in the way we work and learn. These circumstances have created an urgent demand for efficient remote communication options that multiple users can access anytime, anywhere, with high reliability. At Sony, we have seen and driven the adoption of 4K resolution, ensuring that all customers can benefit from superior image quality."