What is the ConsorcioTec International Referral Agreement?

ConsorcioTec, in its quest to expand the scope of its integrators, as well as to form among them a network of work that allows them to apply for more projects, devised the International Referral Agreement, an agreement that allows them to request or offer their services with other members of the program.

To explain in a simple way, the International Referral Agreement is a contract figure that allows an integrator to execute a project (in its nearby or local area) that has earned another integrator (which is outside the country or territory where the integration should take place).

This is a benefit in two way, because it means that the applicant (who has already won the project) does not lose the contract awarded and does not have to invest large sums of money for moving to another country; at the same time, the offeror, which is the integrator that is closest to the place to intervene, gains experience and receives payment for an integration to which it would not have been able to access in other way.

That is, the integrator who is located in the country where the end customer is, can carry out the required task. Both the applicant and the offeror have an economic and recognition gain for such work and thus the loss of contracts is avoided.

 Scope at the Level of Latin America and the United States

This means that a member of the networks of PSAV Security or USAV, with whom we have a strategic alliance, may require the integrators of ConsorcioTec to carry out installation work in Latin American countries. Likewise, ConsorcioTec integrators could require PSAV or USAV members for execute projects in the United States, if they had a contract, but not the installed capacity in that country.

To this we must add that the members of our purchasing group are present in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

ConsorcioTec's reach in Latin America is the result of a program with real benefits.

Alcance red de ConsorcioTec

In conclusion, this collaborative way of working represents a great benefit, because it extends the scope of the service offer of our integrators, while allowing them to work in a network.

Finally, our job from ConsorcioTec, in this sense, is to be intermediaries between the integrators, to deliver to the applicants the information of the possible prospects and mediate the contract between both, so both parties have a clearer scope and the legal procedures are facilitated.

Remember that if you want more information you can write to Milena Castaño, administrative director of the program, to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..