5 digital marketing trends for your service offering

Despite the uncertainty generated by the current economic highlights, the council for integrators and SMEs is not to slow down the growth of their company. That is why we share five digital marketing trends that Pymes Go Digital considers as the most relevant for this 2022.

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1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: machines that learn from you

Inteligencia Artificial

Artificial intelligence applied to marketing offers different functionalities. We mention a few:

Every time advertising appears on your networks about topics that you have just talked to someone is the AI of the various applications that you use in full action, making use of cookies, search histories and information that you have authorized to deliver in various applications, among others.

That is, with AI you can design programmatic and more personalized advertising.
AI in marketing strategies can also generate valuable content, continuously activate the relationship with customers through CRM, predictively analyze the tastes, habits and preferences of users, among other functionalities.

2. Community Marketing: communities that love your brand

As recently stated by the Hayas Marketing Natural portal, cookies tend to disappear.

Google has stated on several occasions that it has been working on its elimination and the implementation of AI in applications for predictive analysis and the identification of groups of users with common behaviors, habits and interests.

This technology enables the creation of Community Marketing strategies; that is, reaching groups of people with content designed exclusively for them, in addition to activating conversations in those groups in a non-intrusive way and establishing a solid relationship with customers.

An example of this type of technology is Topics, from Google. It is an API, (Application Programming Interface) or, in simpler words, a code that allows communication between applications. As explained by the company, Topics works by tracking, saving and remembering for three weeks the user's searches, and then offering personalized advertising when visiting the web.

3. Storytelling: people who won't forget you


The writer Maya Angelou has a famous phrase:

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made her feel."

In that sense, storytelling is the art of telling stories that generate significant feelings in the audience, which does not have an obvious commercial intention, because what it seeks is to awaken emotion and generate memory.

Applied to marketing, it consists of telling stories where your brand, your services and your products are the tools with which your customers (the heroes and protagonists of the story) manage to control and minimize the problems and challenges they encounter in their day to day.
The first step to achieving a good storytelling strategy is to know your customers and your audiences so well that you know exactly what stories to tell them.

4. SEO: Get seen

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). proposes a series of processes to optimize content so that search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo understand the relevance of your content, placing it among the first results during searches for information made by users.

To position yourself among the first results, search engines analyze more than 200 factors between external and internal. While external factors depend on the behavior of third parties in front of the content, internal ones do, because it depends on how you publish, what keywords you use, how original and relevant your content is.

5. Is having a website an option?

Construcción de un sitio web

The answer is: It's not optional, it's an absolute necessity!

In an informal survey conducted by Pymes Go Digital, via social networks, it was found that 71% of respondents said that whenever they hear the name of a company they look for it on the Internet, alternating their searches between social networks and official websites. While 80% confirmed that it gives greater credibility to the company if it has a website with enough information.

According to Web Alive, 52% of visitors to a corporate website expect to see information about the company's business. On the other hand, a study by Blue Corona states that 44% of visitors stop interacting with a website if it does not provide the company's contact information.

So in no way should you do without a website, its advantages are diverse.

*This content is an adaptation of article 5 digital marketing trends for 2022, which was previously published on the SME Go Digital website