DAS Audio sounded the first immersion experience of the MAD of Madrid

The Madrid Artes Digitales (MAD), premiered in March of this year (2022) its first immersive large-format production based on the work of renowned artist Gustav Klimt. The companies responsible for this great production were Layers of Reality, SOM Produce and Stardust, who relied on DAS Audio's sound systems for this installation.

experiencia de inmersión del MAD de Madrid

It is important to have as a context that MAD is a place that turned the emblematic Nave 16 of the Matadero Madrid into the leading European center in the creation of immersive experiences. A revolutionary space for digital cultural development that invites you to live art, history and culture in a unique way.

Ditec Comunicaciones, a company that already had the experience of executing the IDEAL Barcelona space, carried out this engineering project and was in charge of the installation of the entire audiovisual solution. A great cultural proposal that consists of a tour that begins with exhibition spaces, followed by virtual reality applications and interactive tools, to culminate in a space with 360-degree design.

The visual experience plays a leading role in this exhibition. Moreover, to achieve a complete immersive experience, electroacoustic reinforcement was essential. In that sense, Ditec decided to use DAS Audio sound systems, specifically solutions of the Artec 500 and Vantec series, together with Biamp Tesira processors.

Álvaro Plumed, head of facilities at DAS Audio, stressed that: "the sound systems have been strategically arranged to optimally cover the entire public area, guaranteeing dynamics for the application, maintaining homogeneity of pressure and tonality throughout the enclosure. The arrangement and number of speakers is properly integrated with the projection design, associating independent channels for each projected area and carrying out the immersive audio process."