Beyerdynamic SPACE: the speakerphone that has arrived to revolutionize the market!

The German manufacturer Beyerdynamic continues to surprise us with products of the highest quality, this time presents us SPACE a speakerphone that combines a centenary of experience in its functionality with an innovative, modern design and according to current trends in communication and entertainment.

SPACE de Beyerdynamic

Features of space

With a pickup based on four MEMS microphones (sensors that convert sound into capacitive variations so that an integrated circuit transforms it into a digital audio signal), this device gives the remote site unparalleled clarity in the collected voice, maintaining the characteristic polar beam-forming / voice tracking pattern that will always preponderate the speaker by opening his capture beam and discarding at the same time any sound that is not of interest to the conversation.

As for the reproduction of its speaker (which is actually an arrangement of a 1.5 W speaker working in conjunction with two passive radiators), SPACE achieves an amazing frequency response for a team of its kind, with a bass delivery that could hardly be compared to that of any other speakerphone on the market.

Meanwhile, Beyerdynamic has taken care of providing versatility to the product by allowing connection via Bluetooth and USB. Therefore, SPACE is supplied with a USB-C to USB-C cable for direct communication with portable devices, as well as with a USB-C to USB-A adapter if it is being used with any computer equipment.

Additionally, this solution has a battery life of up to 20 hours, which is a unique feature in its class.

Design that stands out

Colores del SPACE de Beyerdynamic

To finish knowing this speakerphone it is important to address its aesthetics, SPACE presents an elegant, modern and quite attractive design, with accessible capacitive buttons. This device is available in three colors: charcoal, Nordic gray and aquamarine.

Its compact construction is notorious, which has IP64 certification, which means that this product can be splashed with water without taking any risk, giving the user the possibility to take it wherever they want, enjoy their favorite songs and have absolute confidence as to how they will be heard when taking a call on their portable device.

Finally, and because two will always be better than one, SPACE can be paired with another unit via Bluetooth allowing stereo playback, with the left channel in one unit and the right channel in the other.

Bonus del speakerphone SPACE

This solution is certified for use with the ZOOM platform. In addition, it is entirely compatible with the rest of the web conference platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

If you want to get more information about this product you should keep in mind that this product can be purchased through Navits, the Beyerdynamic distributor for the region, you can also request a demonstration.