Multimedia Corporativo: ConsorcioTec gives us international openness

Luis Cadena, business developer in Multimedia Corporativa, commented that the advantage he has for his company of being part of ConsorcioTec, is that this program gives international openness to his company and the security of being represented in a serious way, to maintain a high-level negotiation profile.

In the context of Expo Seguridad México 2022 and thanks to the fact that Multimedia applied to receive the benefit of being in the ConsorcioTec pavilion, we had the opportunity to conduct an interview, in which he shared a balance of the day: "We have prequalified leads with a fairly good level and with specific demands, I think we could have about 5 to 10 business opportunities".

Luis also expressed, in front of the experience, "it makes us think and rethink this line of security for all our customers as well. We have some products, but I think we have to look even more".