Control your energy with SurgeX solutions

One of the brands that offers its products to ConsorcioTec integrators as a preferred supplier, SurgeX, has sent us a letter explaining why it is relevant to acquire its energy control solutions for projects and facilities. Read here the benefits that are behind buying with this company.

SurgeX's text explains that for each piece of equipment you specify in a design or include in an installation, it says something about your company. The reliability of each of those pieces and their ability to do their job increases or detracts from their reputation.

Throughout its history, SurgeX has been an innovator in power quality providing a solid foundation of AC power to ensure electronic equipment receives clean electricity to function properly with minimal service load. Our patented Advanced Series Mode® technology eliminates surge of up to 6000 V, without producing harmful side effects, such as soil contamination or common-mode disturbances, and is unrivaled in the industry.

What do you get out of this? Simply, peace of mind. SurgeX combines real surge elimination, EMI/RFI filtration and unsurpassed analytical software to help businesses control the unstable nature of the power grid. When SurgeX products are part of your design, computer error codes, crashes, restarts, downtime, and service calls are drastically reduced.

But SurgeX is not only the best surge protector on the planet, the exclusive patented advanced serial mode technology combined with SurgeX impedance-tolerant EMI/RFI filtering gives you a complete power conditioning solution that also captures transients and radio interference so that nothing, absolutely nothing: it can interrupt your installation or cause the equipment to freeze, restart or lose memory.

Do you like to bet or do you prefer something safe? When you insist on SurgeX, you don't have to wonder if that energy conditioner that claims to be as good as SurgeX, or even "Just like SurgeX!", will protect my mission-critical equipment. There's a reason it was cheaper than SurgeX and doesn't feel that heavy. How much step voltage is really fine for some of today's sensitive electronics? When you include SurgeX zero-pass technology in your installation, that's a redundant question. Sometimes you actually get what you pay for.

Oh, by the way, did I mention customer satisfaction and their reputation? How important is that to your company? Every piece of equipment you specify in a design or include in a facility says something about your company. And the reliability of each of those pieces, and their ability to do their job, increases or detracts from their reputation. We don't need to mention SurgeX again, do we?

Being protected by SurgeX means you'll never have to worry about your AV installation failing or your business reputation being at risk.


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