Bolide explains: operation and characteristics of license plate recognition

According to Bolide, a company specialized in CCTV surveillance solutions, license plate recognition through video surveillance is the ideal tool when you want to monitor traffic, track or collect video evidence about vehicles.

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Bolide shared with us information that it has gathered from its experience as a provider of innovative devices for surveillance in video format. Thus, the text below makes it easier to understand, regarding the recognition of license plates, what it is, how it works and what benefits you can bring us, in the light of reflecting on whether it is the solution we need.

What is License Plate Recognition?

License Plate Recognition - LPR, is a tool that allows you to detect, read and store videos of the license plate of a car. Mainly used in the monitoring of traffic in parking lots and security entrances, allowing the specialized camera with the latest Bolide line, iPacLPR, to capture a plate number that will then be used to compare it with a database for later analysis.

How does License Plate Recognition work?

License Plate Recognition works when the camera captures a vehicle's license plate on video and then stores it for later review or processes the image through video analysis software to compare it to a database of stored license plate numbers.

If it finds a match in the database, the system can be configured to send alerts. These alerts can be sent to your email or mobile phone, allowing you to know instantly and from anywhere the news found by the system.

The camera angle is extremely important, because a camera in an elevated position will not be able to correctly capture the license plate of the vehicle. The distance between the camera and the car should also be taken into account to maximize the quality and sharpness of the capture.

Benefits of License Plate Recognition

Situations that require license plate capture can be very specific, but this feature is incredibly important if you need:

• Secure an area, such as a military base or research center
• Supervise entrances and exits inside a parking lot
• Track the vehicle of a known suspect
• Finding a stolen vehicle or car involved in a crime
• Enforce parking laws
• Automatically control access or exit for vehicle parking lots by placing a camera on the front door you will be able to record the license plate of an oncoming car for comparison with a database of approved visitors. If that license plate is in the database, the door will open and allow the car to enter.

License Plate Recognition cameras and CCTV in general

License Plate Recognition cameras are not designed to provide the service of a conventional CCTV camera, because they are positioned at certain angles and heights to capture in the best way the license plates of vehicles mainly. For this case, the ideal is to have two cameras, one to capture license plates in a dedicated way and another for the video surveillance in general of the property. Using a camera for both scenarios will result in blurry images and will not capture license plates correctly.

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