What is a wireless automatic mixer and what is it for? Relacart responds

Today we present the WAM-432 wireless digital mixer (Wireless Automatic Mixer) developed by the Relacart brand, specially designed for conferences, which can mix the audio signals of up to 4 wireless microphones and transmit said audio through a balanced XLR output.

Now you may be wondering what is the difference between this mixer and a four-channel wireless microphone? The answer is simple, since it is called a wireless mixer instead of a wireless microphone, of course there are differences, which are greater technical and operational capabilities. Let's see them later.

Advantages of WAM - 432
When we use wireless microphones in 4 channels, even if they are all turned on, only one will be enabled, so if another participant wants to speak he must wait for the previous speaker to finish his speech, before he has the opportunity to speak.

Relacart's mixer, WAM-432 Digital&Wireless Automatic Mixer, has a function to control the maximum number of open microphones, so you can choose 1,2, 3 or all (4). Attention! The change here is automatic and does not require any action, which is why we call it an automatic mixer. This means that this solution guarantees the fluid conversation of the 4 devices.

The development of Relacart
To understand why Relacart engineers designed this technique we will do the mental exercise of taking a set of conventional four-channel wireless microphones.

When the four microphones are on they can transmit sound at the same time, now, this does not imply a problem in some outdoor activities, but if we change to a relatively closed conference room and use all the devices at once, we must slightly increase the volume of the console to easily dock, otherwise the listening experience is probably not ideal, presenting situations such as the speaker needing to speak harder in order to listen better.

Of course, we can also choose to mute the microphones of those who are not intervening (although not all brands of microphones have a mute function), and then turn them on when an intervention is going to happen. However, this is not a very agile response. In addition, when we are in a meeting we must focus on the content of it, if we add to this take into account the use of the microphone, close it and open it in each intervention, we have that it is a user experience that can be negative.

But as previously explained, the wireless automatic mixer is different, because it can control the maximum number of participants, so the volume of the console will have more range to increase the level by several dBs, likewise the threshold before coupling will also rise considerably.

Another advantage of this technology is that after limiting the number of open microphones with the "automatic mute" of the terminals that are not in active intervention, which prevents those microphones from capturing ambient noise and makes speech clearer.

It had also been mentioned that the maximum number of open microphones can be set to "all on", as the mixer works like a normal wireless microphone system. The advice Relacart usually gives his clients is to limit the number of speakers for conference rooms and open all microphones only for outdoor events or shows.

WAM-432 Digital&Wireless Automatic Mixer

Unique features
This wireless automatic mixer has unique features. You can automatically change the volume gain according to the settings of the different number of open microphones. Every time 2 users are added to the conversation, 3 dB is lowered, that is why the best performance is achieved using one or two simultaneous microphones, to obtain the maximum loudness before coupling. It is also possible for the last participating microphone permanently turned on so that the small atmosphere of the room is not lost and the audio transmission in video conferences is not interrupted.

The priority function is also possible to execute, leaving open a microphone reserved for the speaker. In addition, the mixer can be configured with 4 types of wireless transmitters, including handheld microphones, bodypacks, gooseneck microphones for conferences and boundary microphones.

In conclusion, WAM-432 fully covers the needs in the fields of conferences, meetings and theaters, among others. In short, this solution is ideal because it supports a data connection and can cascade up to 5 mixers to the Relacart AMC20 mixer controller (Automatic Mixing Controller), to build a 20-channel wireless automatic mixing system. In addition to this, the AMC20 controller also incorporates a camera self-tracking system to offer a video conferencing solution and is compatible with high-resolution PTZ cameras.

AMC-20 Automatic Mixing Controller

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