Fohhn Audio announced the start of its commercial operations in Latin America

The German brand Fohhn Audio AG announced that this year (2022) it begins its expansion project in the United States and Latin America, which implies the establishment of a new network of parthners and distributors in this territory.

All this began thanks to the success of its participation in Integrated Systems Europe and Infocomm, which is why Fohhn signed an alliance with the Aeris Group, in order to enter these new markets with a safe passage.

Fohhn context
Fohhn is a German company that was born in 1993 and has its headquarters in Nuertingen, in southern Germany. Their work is characterized by a focus on design as well as a commitment to manufacturing products with the highest quality standards. In addition, all its design and production chains are on German territory, so it guarantees the highest performance production.

Specialized Audio Systems
Within Fohhn's portfolio of products and solutions, it is possible to find systems that can be applied to multiple business verticals and project types. That is, with these devices it is possible to develop projects in boardrooms, offices, retail, corporate spaces, sports venues, theaters, auditoriums and even use them with concert applications, international tours and outdoor festivals.

Precisely the versatility of Fohhn's products is an important component in its strategy to venture into the Latin American territory.

Beam Steering Technology
Fohhn has extensive experience in the development of beam steering technology, which is the digital addressing of sound energy through DSP programming. So, within its portfolio, you can find compact systems for applications in churches, houses of worship and auditoriums, specifically the Focus and Focus Modular line, as well as specialized large-format systems for PA reinforcement applications in concert halls, theaters and sports venues, with the Focus Venue line.

Fohhn_Beam Steering Technology

The most interesting thing is that the beam steering technology developed by Fohhn allows to design audio systems in a personalized way, adapting the performance and SPL coverage to the architectural conditions of each enclosure. The Fohhn Designer and Fohhn Audio Soft software tools provide total flexibility for the correct planning, programming and calibration on site of each project.

If you are interested in Fohhn solutions, you can find more information at Likewise, to access information about the distribution network in Latin America you can write to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.