Fouet offers a centralized credential solution to a Mexican bank

Our integrating member Fouet, whose solution offering focuses on electronic security, is now in charge of generating the centralized issuance of credentials for the bank with the largest number of branches in Mexico, so it must produce more than 45 thousand cards in record time.

This implementation, in the words of Fouet, has presented him with great challenges, since he must guarantee that new photographs of all staff are captured, that is, to promote the updating of his photo bank, while modernizing the credential system of the entire entity.

This is a rather complex task, since this bank (of which we can not mention the name as a security and privacy measure of the project) has more than 1,800 branches distributed throughout the Mexican territory, which involved developing a strategy with rigorous logistics to meet the established delivery times.

On the other hand, the bank also expressed its need for credentials to comply with the most up-to-date and reliable security measures, maintaining the design line of its corporate image.

How does Fouet generate credentials for your client?

The solution proposed by Fouet is based on the HID Connect platform, which allows each branch manager to take the photographs, capture the name and identity number associated with the employee, through an App loaded on their mobile phone. This makes the data collection process more reliable and faster.

Subsequently, this information is uploaded to the HID Connect server, which adds security in this project, as it protects the information and helps manage the centralized printing of all identifications in a single workshop. That is, a single centralized workshop accesses the cloud and downloads all the information for the production of the cards.

Explanation of Fouet

Ricardo Carrasco director de FouetRicardo Carrasco, director of Fouet, commented on the matter:

"A single operator is responsible for feeding the printers, changing the ribbons and classifying the printed credentials by regions. In such a way that we can process an average of a thousand cards a day, which will allow us to reach the goal, which is around 45,000 credentials by the time we complete this project."

However, to ensure a safe delivery of the finished cards, once a lot is ready, it is delivered by means of a suitcase to the corresponding branch of the bank.

Finally, Ricardo said that the benefit of working with this dynamic is that this process reduces the expenditure of money to the end customer considerably, since the expenses of transfers, printers and operators are minimized. Likewise, "it allows a saving of time that is very significant, more if we take into account the operational and security needs of banks".

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