The ConsorcioTec™ purchasing group gives real benefits to integrators in Latin America

The purchasing groups as a business model to the growth of their participants, for this reason from ConsorcioTec we are committed to this economic model, since it allows us to offer particular benefits to our integrating members. We tell you what they are.

It should be remembered that the history of purchasing groups, as a commercial strategy, is not new and applies in countries such as the United States, at least since the eighteenth century, specifically since the cooperative formed in 1752 by one of the founding fathers of the country, Benjamin Franklin.

Also, when we talk about purchasing groups, we refer to the concept "organization of group purchases", a concept coined in North America.

That is, this cooperation model that we have welcomed, brings together an important group of SMEs to obtain discounts from suppliers, depending on the collective purchasing power of all members, guaranteeing our integrators a series of additional benefits within the group.

Our VIR reimbursement model

The Volume Incentive Rebate (VIR) model is one of the best practices within the market, since the benefits are back and forth, both for manufacturers and integrators.

So, volume rebates designed in our group encourage large purchases, which favors the sales goals of manufacturers, while encouraging the growth of SMEs in Latin America. In this case we focus on electronic security solutions, access control, building automation, home automation, multimedia, networks and communications.

Consequently, the more purchases an integrator makes, the greater the refunds that will be obtained with a quarterly cut, since they have no limits or limits. The reimbursement plans for our integrators vary between 3% and 5% on purchases generated by the official channels that are registered.

Additionally, our members enjoy a series of competitive advantages such as free visibility in specialized media, international agreements, business orientation and being part of a database to be contacted by the manufacturers that are part of the program.

Grupo de compras

Examples of purchase groups

Among the purchasing groups that use a business model similar to that of ConsorcioTec, are HTSA (dedicated to real estate), HTSN (custom electronics installation group) and Azione (specialized in home technology).

Like ConsorcioTec, these groups provide benefits and opportunities and drive their members to sustained growth within the industry, offering resources that favor the business environment within constant innovation.

ConsorcioTec, PSA Security and USAV

ConsorcioTec and PSA Security

Another of the greats of our program is that integrators have the opportunity to realize international business with the largest network of integrators for security in the United States PSA Security and its sister, the network for audiovisual integrators, USAV, this thanks to the International Referral Agreement that allows to execute projects between integrators of these three groups, generating a simple agreement that brings mutual benefit.

Finally, if you want to learn more about how to be part of our family of integrators, which has no cost, as well as learn more about all the benefits you can access, enter this link.

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