Meet the 2 best-selling Relacart conference systems in Latin America

Our favorite supplier, the Relacart brand, when providing attention to its customers, to acquire their conferencing system solutions, seeks that these devices meet the requirements of usability, but also considers the added value.

sistemas de conferencia Relacart

That is, the brand is committed to delivering products that, in addition to being functional, are easy to use and install. Flexible, durable and low maintenance cost. Therefore, this time Relacart shares the 2 conference systems that have been best sellers in Latin America, which meet the advantages mentioned-

WDC-903 Wireless Conferencing System

sistema de conferencia WDC-903
The WDC-903 is a wireless debate system solution that provides crisp audio, stable transmission and is very easy to use.

Advantages of the WDC-903 system
• Features automatic frequency switching technology that effectively eliminates the problem of signal interference.

• This system adopts LoRa wireless communication technology to send and receive commands between the microphones and the central one, which is much more stable than those brands that use infrared or 2.4Ghz communication.

• Perfectly complements the Relacart VTS-2000 camera tracking system(autotracking), delivering functional integration.

• The microphone bases use a rechargeable lithium battery and have a long life, with autonomy of 17 hours working continuously.

• In general, this system incorporates Dante input and output interface (mix).

CS-302 Wired Conference System with Camera Tracking

Sistema de conferencia CS-302
The CS-302 is a solution for a Cat5 or Multipin wired conferencing system , with all functions included.

Advantages of the CS-302 system
• Two types of conference microphones to select from: One with a speaker included in the base and one without a speaker, providing flexible options according to customer needs.

• Incorporates an SDI video interface for 4 cameras, one output and is compatible with high-resolution (HD) PTZ cameras.

• It has 4 conference modes: FIFO, LIMITED TIME, REQUEST WORDS, VOICE ACTIVATED, selectable directly from the front menu.

• It has the built-in Dante interface.

• It is characterized by excellent sound that guarantees intelligibility at an exceptional level in videoconferencing.

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