ConsorcioTec International Referral Agreement: a profit with high growth in 2022

Within the development that ConsorcioTec had during 2022, what stood out most was the International Referral Agreement, which achieved a 740% growth in project values, compared to the same period in 2021. This agreement is an agreement that allows our members to request or offer their services with other program integrators, thus achieving that both parties benefit.

It is important to understand that the growth of ConsorcioTec is closely linked to the fact that this purchasing group was born in the middle of the pandemic, responding resiliently and from commercial alliances, to the needs of a market that was being hit by confinement and difficulties in the logistics chain.

So although the growth of the program in 2022 did not experience major changes, since the increase in the number of affiliates was 2.86%, while the number of preferred manufacturers or suppliers was maintained, there was a very important internal consolidation. This situation can be explained by the following two variables.

On the one hand, the normality and openness of spaces in 2022 meant that the dynamics of looking for business alternatives that were not affected by confinements and closures were no longer decisive for integrators, unlike 2020 and 2021. That is why although there was approach and generation of prospects many did not decide, since they argued to be very busy in new projects.

And on the other hand, the members of ConsorcioTec are going through a moment of internal consolidation, greater communication, knowledge and closing of business with their peers, an issue that is supported when we take into account that in 2022 the International Referral Agreement had an exponential growth of 740% in the values of the projects, compared to the values of 2021. That is, the group did not grow much in numbers of members, but they were more active than ever regarding the projects shared between them.

ConsorcioTec International Referral Agreement
Our agreement is a contract figure that allows an integrator to execute a project (in its nearby or local area) that has been won by another integrator (who is outside the country or territory where the integration should take place). In other words, if an integrator wins a contract in another country and the costs of traveling to execute it are detrimental to profits, he can rely on another member of the program who is in charge of installing the project according to the technical specifications indicated.

In this way, while the integrator who was initially hired for the project does not lose ownership of the project and a percentage of profits, the integrator who supports it receives extra income and approaches projects that he could not have executed otherwise.

In short, it is a strategy where both parties benefit and that, in addition, makes the entire purchasing group enhance its reach in Latin America.

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Reflections from ConsorcioTec
Milena Castaño, administrative director of ConsorcioTec, commented on these data:

"The international referral agreement has been a successful bet, hence we are very pleased to see its growth and expand opportunities to our integrators in Latin America, as they are responding with height to the requests that come through ConsorcioTec".

Milena Castaño

He also said, regarding the program in general, that he hopes that ConsorcioTec "continues to grow and thus its recognition at the international level."

It is clear that the program seeks to reactivate its growth and generate brand recall in this 2023, as well as continue strengthening the benefits received by its integrating members, for this reason it will be present in different international fairs, in Latin America to attract more integrators, internationally to reach agreements with brands that offer excellent products so that they become preferred suppliers of the program.

Last but not least, ConsorcioTec will activate its pavilion in different strategic events, to bring its integrators closer to the industries where they could participate more actively. In addition, being in these spaces helps them to have experiences of professional growth and internationalize their offer of solutions, as is the case with the courtesy of hosting for ISE Barcelona 2023.

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