Schallertech: when technology becomes an audiovisual marvel

Creating a memorable audiovisual engineering project is a challenge that requires a great mastery of AV technologies, as well as design skills and technical knowledge that are only acquired by accumulating experience.

All these qualities characterize Schallertech, a company with a strong projection on the international scene, thanks to the quality of its interventions in theaters, museums, places of worship, auditoriums, commercial spaces and private residences.

"We have certified professionals in several areas, which allows us to offer a unique combination of skills and knowledge developed during more than 15 years in the industry," says Freddy Sampayo, the company's Chief Business Officer.

In the executive's opinion, the key to designing a remarkable audiovisual project lies in fundamental design and conceptual clarity. At the same time, he states that excellence comes from meticulous planning and understanding the client's aspirations.

"It's a holistic journey that starts with an idea and evolves into a tangible and resonant project. During the process we remain aligned with the client's vision, creating designs that summarize their objectives and even elevate them," he describes.

Science and art of experiences
Today, the synergy between the auditory and the visual is a dualism that can be perfected through technology and design, which opens the possibility of configuring AV solutions capable of evoking intense sensory experiences.

Therefore, the Schallertech team has specialized in the realization of spatial acoustic designs, visual projection mapping, sound system plans, AV integration designs, 3D AV simulation and user experience interface designs.

In this regard, Freddy Sampayo comments that "it is not only about technology; but how that technology fits and functions within a space. Our designs seek to be harmonious, functional and, above all, adapted to the unique requirements of each project."

Spaces that resonate
In particular, sound is used to enrich and shape functionally and environmentally optimal experiences. The Business Director comments that the company guarantees its results by performing sound analysis, mapping and accurate modeling.

To do this, they have advanced tools that simulate the physical attributes of the future space, offering data to make adjustments and improvements. In addition, the company generates comprehensive construction documents, material recommendations, design projections integrated with the architecture and tailor-made solutions.

"At its core, our architectural acoustics service is a symphony of meticulous planning, cutting-edge technology and creative innovation. Thus, we create spaces that resonate, literally and metaphorically," says Sampayo.

Images and interactivity
From the intimate atmosphere of a home theater, to the professionalism of a conference room require a screen with the right features.

Freddy Sampayo explains that his team identifies viewing needs and sizes variables such as luminance, resolution and appropriate dimensions: "We make personalized recommendations that turn each frame into a window into a window into clarity, participation and visual fidelity."

The company also has experience in designing interactive solutions that integrate immersive touch screens, dynamic interactive displays and immersive realms of virtual reality.

Lighting, more than just brightness
Another key aspect on which Schallertech places particular emphasis is that of light, developing lighting master plans, 3D simulations, luminance studies, energy consumption analysis, material recommendations and control solutions.

In this way, the company achieves a thorough understanding of the nuances present in the space to be intervened, while aligning with the aspirations of the client, achieving functional, aesthetic and experiential lighting.

And how do they do it? "We conceptualize solutions that encompass automated dimming, vibrant color transitions, and seamless integration with smart ecosystems. Our designs are dominated by light and effortlessly set the tone for every space and occasion."

Other lines of work
As has been said, a large number of technical variables converge in audiovisual engineering. In response, Schallertech offers a complementary portfolio of design services in areas such as intuitive control and automation, unified communications, collaboration tools and broadcast solutions.

"Our projects go beyond the simple installation of audio and video tools, as we create communication ecosystems meticulously designed and adapted to their particular purpose," concludes Freddy Sampayo.

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