How to make a marketing budget?

Making an investment is a fundamental decision for any company, especially for those that are in the process of growth and that want to optimize the marketing of their business. That is why it is important that you consider the elements that we will point out in this article, in which we will address the essential points when creating the marketing budget.

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SCP-EasyFiber line of solutions with ultra-flexible fiber optics

Structured Cable Products Inc (SCP), manufacturer and provider of low-voltage copper solutions, introduced its new SCP-EasyFiber product line, which includes Corning ClearCurve OM4/OM3 multimode and SMF-28 Ultra OS2 single-mode fiber optic cables, the added value of which is that they offer better microflexion performance without major signal loss, even in tight curves with a radius of 7.5 mm, or less.

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Bolide CCTV Smart

Bolide Smart CCTV: AI monitoring

Historically, closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance has served two purposes: to monitor an area in real time and, as a second, the specific viewing and recording of an incident. However, the importance of confirming, in real time, the generation of incidents must also be added, this is the solution offered by Bolide with its Smart CCTV.

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Crecimiento ConsorcioTec 2020 2021

Growth of ConsorcioTec 2020 to 2021

The success of ConsorcioTec can be measured by the words and achievements of the affiliates, but also by the indicators, which, a little more than two years after the start of this program, give clear signs of its positive impact.

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ConsorcioTec launches its new App

ConsorcioTec, thinking about the comfort of its affiliates, launched its App, which is compatible with the Android and iOS system. This tool allows: the visualization of the list of available brands, the management of invoices, the review of financial reports and approved invoices. That is, it guarantees an agile access to financial information, a permanent and comfortable supervision of the benefits of the program. Additionally, it allows direct communication with the staff in charge of ConsorcioTec, for the resolution of doubts.

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