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Aavara is a Taiwanese company that has 15 years of experience in the development of ProAV Distribution Solutions and Professional Supports for monitors.  Aavara expands its presence in the Latin American market to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition, we support them globally in the realization of outstanding projects and other cases where audiovisual experience is required in the deployment of these systems for residential, commercial and corporate environments.

Microfonía UNITE de Beyerdynamic

  • DECT 1.9 GHz technology
  • Professional German design system guaranteed
  • Fully digital, interference-free system with automatic frequency selection function
  • Two-way communication


Bolide's heatmap tool allows you to determine where visitors stop and measure their time spent in areas of interest (promotional stands, showcases, product areas, advertisements, etc.)

With this detection tool, it is possible to see the busiest places in a store, supermarket or any other place with traffic thanks to the corresponding visual signs on the screen.

Webinar Sony

The webinar of SONY - the latest technology partner of ConsorcioTec™ - starts in a few minutes ... at 10:00 Colombia/Mexico/Peru time and 12:00 Argentina.

Come and learn how cultural and technological changes have been decisive in the form of remote work and the solutions offered by SONY.


In a world that has turned to the digital issue, it is impossible for SMEs to survive if they do not migrate towards this path. We know that change can generate fears, however, here we present the best digital marketing practices for SMEs that will help you serve your potential customers, because they are already swimming in the sea of possibilities offered by the network.

DAS Audio Eleven Club

Located in the heart of Miami, E11EVEN is a unique and immersive place that lives up to the name "super club". With almost 2,000 square meters dedicated to pure high-level entertainment, the venue is part entertainment area, part lounge, with four bars that provide continuous 24-hour service, which makes E11EVEN a highly sought-after club for both public and private events.

Motorola Hello Security

Motorola Hellosecurity, has understood the importance of compliance with the GDPR, and periodically undergoes compliance verification audits with this regulation, thus bringing to market reliable CCTV hardware and software for electronic security projects from the residential, commercial and industrial levels, as well as those of security and defense of the highest level.

- by José Clavo

Sony ingresa a ConsorcioTec™

ConsorcioTec, the purchasing consortium for Latin American integrators, and Sony Professional Solutions Latin America Division (PSLA), a leading provider of advanced technology equipment for broadcasters and other professional users, signed an agreement for the latter's entry into the loyalty ecosystem for the purchase of technology in the region.

AV Consulting

Recent technology trends focused on providing the best performance and stability in high-performance professional systems - by AV Consulting

During the last decade, the transmission of digital audio in professional systems has become one of the most important factors, having a great influence on the performance and performance of the system in multiple applications (from Churches, Houses of Worship and Concert Halls to large outdoor festivals in Touring Sound environments)

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